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"Hire these people for your mold removal! My experience was really good. Justin was the first person to respond to my query. His bid was very moderate considering that he had a space of 1850 sq feet to cover. It was 75% lower than the next bid (I got three). It was so low that I spent extra time with him going over the protocol to ensure that everything was going to be done correctly, and it was. In fact, he went above and beyond the other companies. He was honest (what a novelty in this business). I got a lot of intimidating conversation from the other bidders trying to justify their outlandish bids. Work was done thoroughly in a single day. He's impressive!"

-Kit Cole   San Anselmo, CA

Do you suspect mold growth in your home, but cannot find physical evidence?

In-Door Air Quality Consultants offers testing for mold in the air as well as mold on any surface including carpet and fabric to help determine the scope of work necessary.

All of these tests are analyzed by a third party laboratory to eliminate bias, and the customer is given an exact copy of the results. We make sure to go over the results with the customer so they are familiar with what the results mean and what the recommended course of action will be.

Mold Testing

The main goal of mold testing is to absolutely identify if there is mold in your home, what kind of mold it is, and what is the concentration of that mold. If you suspect you have mold in your home because you are suffering some of the common symptoms associated with mold exposure, but cannot physically identify mold, this is a service you need.

The air sample results are easy to read and very specific. They will identify the type of mold in the home, the concentration of that mold in spores per cubic meter, and also contains a help sheet to give information on where the types of mold in the report grow, why they grow and what allergic potential each mold has and the corresponding symptoms associated with the type of mold that one may suffer when exposed.

We always call to go over these results in order confirm the homeowner has a complete understanding of what the results mean.

Do You Need Documentation of the Severity of Mold In Your Home?