If You Suffer From Allergies Or Cold and Flu-Like Symptoms For More Than A Couple Days At A Time,


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"Hire these people for your mold removal! My experience was really good. Justin was the first person to respond to my query. His bid was very moderate considering that he had a space of 1850 sq feet to cover. It was 75% lower than the next bid (I got three). It was so low that I spent extra time with him going over the protocol to ensure that everything was going to be done correctly, and it was. In fact, he went above and beyond the other companies. He was honest (what a novelty in this business). I got a lot of intimidating conversation from the other bidders trying to justify their outlandish bids. Work was done thoroughly in a single day. He's impressive!"

-Kit Cole   San Anselmo, CA

Viruses, Bacteria, Mold and Infectious Diseases Have No Where to Hide

Sanitation Fogging is the final step in any IAQ remediation. However, utilized on its own, this process is an all-in-one solution for complete sanitization of any home or interior work space. The key to its success is our combination of the product we use and IAQ's exclusive application method. Because we atomize the solution and apply it as a fog, every contaminant in the air or on any surface of your home or business will be killed. Anywhere air can go and contaminants can be, the fog will penetrate and kill.

Our mold killing solution is also the most versatile disinfectant available. Our solution is a hospital grade EPA registered disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, virucide, bactericide and cleaner for use on porous and nonporous surfaces. And because we atomize the solution, it kills everything thats in the air as well.

Sanitation fogging does not stain fabrics, harm houseplants or ruin electronics. Once the fogging is complete, you are able to re-enter the home approximately one hour after. The only thing the fogging leaves behind is clean sanitized air with a subtle fresh scent.

What does this mean for you? No more closing your business or being chased out of you home for days at a time. No more hand wiping every surface, nook and cranny. The application takes only a few hours at most and occupants can re-enter the building within one hour after the application was finished, all while saving you 70% on traditional cleaning costs for more effective sanitation.

Sanitation Fogging is perfect for schools, hotels, doctors offices, churches, indoor playgrounds, and many other public areas.